Want Another Chance at ESSENTIALS’ Essentials? They’re Back

Fear of God’s ESSENTIALS sub-label is, by now, perhaps even more in-demand than the mainline collection. ESSENTIALS is omnipresent, it’s logo plastered across the rear of the countless hoodies, sweatshirts, and T-shirts that grace the back of every kid (and occasionally adult) desperate to get ’em. Talk about word of mouth.

There’s a reason that ESSENTIALS sells everything out nearly as quickly as it drops new stuff: it’s probably the most desirable line of streetwear basics on the planet right now.

Sure, people are paying up from other streetwear brands but, in terms of mass-market athleisure with a cultural co-sign, nothing compares to ESSENTIALS.

Hence why every ESSENTIALS drop is itself a major event. There’s a reason that ESSENTIALS has nearly as many Instagram followers as Fear of God itself (1 million people follow ESSENTIALS’ IG compared to FOG’s 2 million).

Every year, ESSENTIALS drops a few seasonal collections comprising everything from outerwear to base layers to footwear, followed by a selection of staple items that epitomize brand’s appeal with young people.

For instance, the Fall 2022 collection, filled with camouflage fleece, knit cardigans, and washed denim, is now being accompanied by the Fall 2022 ESSENTIALS Core collection, a more concise offering of the branded hoodies, sweaters, T-shirts, hats, sweatpants, and shorts that keep fans coming back for more.

Launching on November 16 via Fear of God’s website, the Fall 2022 ESSENTIALS Core collection will later hit stockists like SSENSE on November 18.

Expect the typically huge “ESSENTIALS FEAR OF GOD” print, versatile neutral hues, and the relaxed, boxy cuts that at least partially helped these clothes become arguably the most popular streetwear basics on the market.

Fear of God presented the new ESSENTIALS Core collection with a stylized campaign that suggests the new clothes as workout gear but it’s hard to imagine anyone who’s able to snipe the sought after ESSENTIALS hoodies or sweaters actually sweating through them in the gym — like it or not, these clothes are perfectly tailored for flexing on Instagram, which has only made them more successful and thus that much more profitable.

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