A Guide To Living A Holistic High Performance Lifestyle

Over the past few months, we’ve traveled across the country to host a series of events to promote high performance living. With the help of Equinox and American Express Platinum, a new wave of wellness took center stage at iconic locations hosted by industry leaders.

From meditation practices with master manifestors to tennis with Lindsay Davenport at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, we’ve learned that to achieve a high performance lifestyle, a holistic approach is required – one that invigorates the mind, body, and spirit. Learn more about our series with some of our favorite highlights below:

We kicked things off at the Equinox Club in the Hamptons. Drawing in the energy from the Full Moon in Virgo, we tapped into the practice of astrology and its positive themes of self-care. As attendees participated in a custom HIIT workout led by Equinox trainers, they were urged to connect and reflect on their personal goals which were further reinforced by a group meditation.

Expanding on the importance of balance between the mind and body, and its contribution to overall wellness, we decided to explore the practice of yoga. Inviting Platinum Card®️ Members to Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), guests enjoyed exclusive access to the museum grounds and a custom yoga class. Here, flowing amongst dynamic artworks, participants understood the value of taking a curious approach to life – whether it be in expressing yourself or trying out a new yoga technique.

Want a yoga pro tip? Showing up to practice is made much easier when you look the part. From quality mats to the latest innovations in athletic wear, we explored the Equinox shop and chose our favorite pieces of yoga gear so that you can flow in style. Check out our top eight staff picks here.

While out on the West Coast, we caught up with author, activist, and entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani, who illuminated the power of manifestation in Malibu with LA’s exclusive Five Sense Collective. After a healing sound bath, guests were given insight from Vishen himself on how to unlock their best lives using his renowned 6-Phase Meditation Method. After a practice based on gratitude, love, and compassion, attendees left with a new-found appreciation for mental fitness and the pivotal role we all play in our own success stories.

Testing participants’ drive and determination, we hosted a fitness-packed day at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, the world’s largest tennis arena. Taking over the stadium for the day, guests were put through a series of drills and matches by Equinox trainers. Our host? None other than Linsday Davenport, pro tennis player and International Tennis Hall of Fame member. While known for her many successes, Davenport shared pearls of wisdom for attendees, specifically on the importance of learning from the good and the bad noting, “Losing can yield more dividends if you learn from it.”


Of course, we cannot talk about high performance living without highlighting the significance of nutrition — and we found that pairing foods with your fitness routine can be thought of in the same way as how you’d pair foods with your wine. Giving attendees a hands-on experience with our theory, we invited Platinum Card®️ Members to Peju Winery in Napa Valley, California. Guests spent the day by joining an Equinox-led workout, taking an exclusive tour of the winery grounds, and enjoying a farm-to-table meal by Peju’s private chef. Experiencing an elevated comprehension of the role of food and fitness, attendees were eager to continue their nutritional wellness journey with this new lens.

Back in NYC, we gave guests a look into how to up their fitness game with the buzziest new workout, The Cut. Working out 1,100 feet above Manhattan at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt—an immersive, multisensory experience atop Midtown Manhattan’s tallest skyscraper–attendees joined in on The Cut, Equinox’s dynamic boxing-inspired class. As the first-ever workout class led in this space, the class prompted participants to build up a sweat while watching the sun rise above the Manhattan skyline and left inspired to switch up their fitness routines.

Feeling ready to start a new journey to live a high performance lifestyle? We’ve got you covered. While our in-person series with Equinox and American Express Platinum has come to a close, we’ve collected valuable resources for those looking for innovative ways to update their routines in our Digital Series, including virtual workouts and wellness tips from Equinox professionals.

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