Hats Off to Stephen Jones & G-Star RAW’s Crazy Couture Headwear

Stephen Jones proves there’s no such thing as wearing too many hats. In fact, the famed milliner’s new collaboration with G-Star RAW suggests donning 11 at once.

Jones, known for creating couture-level headwear for houses including Dior, Balenciaga, and Vivienne Westwood, has teamed up with the raw denim purveyor to create a collection of insanely artful hats — including a towering creation made of 11 bucket hats stacked on top of each other.

There’s more where that came from: a drape-y cloche cascades down the back in a denim train that doubles as a cape; the super-sized brim of a sun hat is worn as a hooded dress; a pair of jeans becomes a head covering; a baseball cap is constructed with two massive wings jutting out of the back.

“Everybody around the world knows what denim is and what denim signifies,” Jones said in a press release. “I took denim out of its comfort zone and made it what it wasn’t. G-Star gave me complete carte blanche.”

In other words, Jones transformed the indigo textile — a symbol of ruggedness and hard work — into fanciful works of art, creations that look more at home in a museum than on the job.

To complement the project, which G-Star bills as the world’s first haute couture denim hat collection, Jones also designed two ready-to-wear options: a denim baseball cap with origami-like folds at the back, and a more sensible, two-layered alternative to Jones’ sky-high bucket hat stack.

Stephen Jones x G-Star RAW’s couture collection launches on November 22, followed by the ready-to-wear launch on December 1. This is one collab I’ll happily add to cart at the drop of a hat.

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