The People Want a Balenciaga & Supreme Collab

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The internet is shipping Balenciaga and Supreme together, meaning the people want to see the two fashion giants join forces for a collaboration.

Rumors of a potential linkup between Balenciaga and Supreme began to swirl on November 19, with a few outlets claiming an “official” collaboration between the two would arrive in Spring 2023.

The Suprenciaga murmurs arrive roughly a month after the Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2023 presentation, which saw the brand unveil a reimagined Box Logo t-shirt amongst other outrageous products (Lays Chip handbags, anyone?).

Interestingly, Balenciaga confirmed that the BOGO tee wasn’t a collaborative one with Supreme. Instead, it was just another spoof design for the vault, joining the brand’s mock Apple tees.

While a Balenciaga x Supreme collab may sound as unbelievable as Target x Balenciaga or even Palace x Supreme, it isn’t such a far-fetched concept.

The two share a few commonalities, making a potential collaboration fitting for the two. Like Balenciaga, Supreme also is quite familiar with the world of wild accessories (if you recall, the brand’s overrated mattress, AirStream trailer, and Kraft Mac N’ Cheese).

And then there’s Balenciaga. After the $1k garbage bags and trashed sneakers, we’ve concluded: be ready for anything from Demna.

Not to mention, teaming up with Balenciaga wouldn’t be the first time Supreme joined forces with a luxury house, having inked hyped deals with Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

Speaking of, where is that second LV x Supreme offering? And Virgil Abloh’s BOGO tee that was allegedly supposed to release in tandem with Supreme’s Chicago store launch? Hmm.

Sometimes rumors are just, well, rumors, hence why we’re taking this Balenciaga x Supreme news with a grain of salt. At the same, we’ll be keeping one eye open. With these two brands involved, anything can happen.

In the meantime, we reached out to Balenciaga for a comment regarding the alleged collab.

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