Crocs’ Echo Realtree Edge® Clogs Can’t Keep Quiet

Face it. Life can be loud. Our daily lives are filled with the sounds and vibrations of the world around us. So, why not embrace all of life’s dynamic soundscapes every now and then? We know Crocs is definitely here for it.

For 20 years, the iconic footwear brand has leaned into the noise rather than shying away from it. From notable collabs to its in-house innovations, Crocs has remained authentic through its dedicated pursuits. Now, the brand continues to forge its genre-bending designs with the all-new Echo Clog, a shoe that draws its bold looks and unique name from the shape and movement of a sound-wave.

Born from street culture, drawing inspiration from music, and made for movement, these clogs feature a new design that can’t keep quiet, and neither should you. Following the first Echo Clog release in October that featured Desert Grass and Stucco colorways, Crocs has engineered two more vibrant iterations to help you turn up your style. The Echo Realtree Edge® Clog features camo-print Black and Bone colorways that infuse nature-inspired elements to the already imaginative silhouette, mixing bold imagery with maximum comfort.

To show just how loud Crocs’ latest shoes can be, we tapped NYC-based DJ Ant Blue Jr. to help give these clogs the proper treatment they deserve. In an unassuming record shop, we see our go-to DJ turn a seemingly slow shift into an all-out rave. Set to an upbeat, synth-laced track, everyone in the record shop can’t help but unleash their true, unmuted personalities, reflecting the uncontainable spirit of the unique clog.

These untamable shoes are rooted in culture and embody the heart of those that move to their own beat. Anything but conformist, the latest Echo collection introduces a dynamic silhouette engineered to help you maneuver through life with daring confidence regardless of the setting. Designed for a versatile life on the move, these clogs are infused with the sounds of the streets, cutting right through the noise to make a clear unabashed statement.

Starting on November 24, the Echo Realtree Edge® Clogs will be available for purchase through the Crocs App ahead of a global release the next day, allowing everyone to step in style, whatever that looks like.


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