Jay Leno Is a Style Icon, Who Knew?

Doubling down on denim has always been a pretty bold fashion move. Unless you’re herding cattle, chewing tobacco, or hosting a darn good rodeo, you’re always one style slip up away from looking like a grossly mislead Chuck Norris fan.

That being said, there are a certain few people that pull off the daring ensemble with ease: one of whom is Jay Leno, a famous long-time doubler of the rootin’ tootin’ indigo fabric.

For as long as I can remember (I’m post 30, for reference), I’ve never seen Leno looking dumb in denim. Take a pop-button denim shirt, loose-fitting indigo denim jeans, and pop a thumb in the pocket, and voila: you’ve got yourself a classic Leno-approved ‘fit.

His latest DD appearance is, arguably, his most disheveled yet, although it’s something he can be forgiven for after spending the last ten days recovering at a Los Angeles burn center following an unfortunate “gas pump incident” at his California home.

The 72 year old — looking like a sort of cute off-duty Geppetto — raised a peaceful V to the lurking paparazzi as he topped up his Chevy post burn trauma stay, and in turn revealed a nasty looking wrist gash that might even count as an accessory to his overall vibe.

Like a true double denim aficionado, Leno’s sleeves were rolled to three-quarter attention, while his two chest pockets were stuffed with a phone and glasses case, and presumably (albeit not confirmed) a pouch of America’s Best loose-leaf chewing tobacco for good measure.

When you have a moment, take a second to dive into the weird and wonderful world of Jay Leno’s denim collection, and next time you’re thinking of hitting the damn double d, ask yourself this: what would Leno do?

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