Michelle Obama Enters Her #NewBottega Era

Much has already been written about former First Lady Michelle Obama’s closet. When she lived in the White House, for instance, Obama wore primarily American designers in a bit of sartorial patriotism. Now that she’s a normal citizen (however “normal” a former First Lady is), Obama is back to wearing whatever she wants, which means she’s flexing some of the best designers on the market.

Stuff as diverse as Versace and GANNI has become de rigueur on the tour that Michelle Obama’s currently undertaking to promote her new book, The Light We Carry, providing the former First Lady with a plethora of stage-ready looks.

Obama’s stylists are presumably working overtime but the results are consistently solid, frankly. Not only is it a pleasant surprise to see someone so typically buttoned-up wearing fresher stuff but Obama is wearing it all extremely well. She clearly knows what works for her and how to wear it.

But we’re talking about one outfit in particular. On November 19, Michelle Obama pulled up to a a book signing in Philadelphia wearing a bit of Matthieu Blazy’s #NewNewBottega; specifically, Obama was dressed in Look 48 from Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

Bottega SS23 ain’t even available to the public yet — the collection begins rolling out in early 2023, maybe late 2022 for some accessories — but them’s the benefits of being a former First Lady.

Obama also posed for a photo opp with Gayle King, who had her own designer flex going on with the same Balenciaga x adidas dress worn by Madonna’s son earlier this year.

Michelle Obama’s outfit itself is pretty classic Bottega Veneta. Crisp, fluid lines, non-statement color, relaxed shape, quietly clever details (note the shirt-jacket’s curved high-neck collar).

Finish with heels and let the jewelry do the talking.

Michelle Obama in Bottega Veneta at once makes plenty of sense but it’s a surprise nonetheless. For one, Bottega a very now brand, not the type of thing you imagine the typically trend-averse political class to indulge in.

I mean, the outfit is plenty timeless so it’s hardly a stretch for Obama’s tastes — and she’s been seen carrying a few Bottega bags previously — but your eyes need to adjust to seeing a familiarly sedate presence repping something contemporary.

What’s next, Barack in Balenciaga? (Make that happen, by the way)

But perhaps we shouldn’t take Michelle Obama’s taste in clothes for granted.

After all, her stylish kids must’ve gotten their good taste from someone.

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