Paisley & Leather Is the Work of MENACE


There’s something different about LA style. The no fucks given attitude, flair, and effortless flex have birthed some of the industry’s most beloved streetwear labels, boutiques, and designers. It’s a boiling pot for fashion that, due to the intense creative competitiveness that fills its streets, offers up unique statement pieces.

When there’s so much to choose from, you’ve got to go above and beyond. Go big, go bold, and going bold is precisely what MENACE has opted for with the third drop of its “Motherland” collection.

With the year quickly hurtling towards its close, brands are pulling together their final drops of the year. The final hurdle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales mere days ahead, there’s no better time to put the focus on new lines.

For MENACE, this is realized through the third release of its “Motherland” collection.

Built on the foundation of its attitude-heavy graphic tees, and a selection of World Cup-ready football jerseys, there’s one piece within the line-up that instantly demands attention.

By all definitions, a statement piece, the paisley leather bomber is a combination of one of the world’s most iconic patterns (a favorite of LA, in particular) and its most effortlessly cool fabrication. By combining the two through embossed pattern work, MENACE has managed to craft one of its craziest pieces yet.

While you might be keen to snatch up this unique piece of outerwear in an instant, you will need to wait a little longer. The full “Motherland” part three drop is scheduled to find its way online on November 24.

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