Shine Bright Like Stone Island!


Throughout its 40 years of operating, Stone Island has delivered some of the fashion industry’s most iconic outerwear pieces. Although a bold statement to make; yet, reviewing the brand’s outputs, it’s not one you could claim to be hyperbolic.

When celebrating its achievement, Stone Island seems to turn on the burners, reminding us all how it’s achieved such global acclaim and what exactly it takes to maintain such a legacy. 2022 marks the brand’s 40th year without compromise, and as you’d expect, it’s pulled out all the stops to ensure it’s an anniversary to remember.

Back-to-back releases from SS22 to FW22 have revived and reimaged icons, such as Heritage Camo, added a new lick of paint to Ghost Pieces, introduced anniversary outerwear pieces, and now reminded us what it does best.

While I’m unafraid to let my bias show, Stone Island has demonstrated countless times that, when it comes to reflective outerwear, no one does it better.

FW22 serves as a reminder of the countless iconic reflective pieces that have come before with its latest fabric and finish innovation. Say hello, to Needle Punched Reflective.

In technical terms, the new outerwear selection has been constructed by plating a polyester canvas plated with a reflective coating, made with a resin bath incorporating thousands of glass microspheres.

For those that have kept up with the brand’s reflective offering, this language will be familiar; what’s new, however, is how the reflective base is then needle punched to a wool and viscose felt for a three-dimensional appearance.

The resulting jacket and vest, which are available online now, possess a luxurious finish that is emphasized by the depth created when light hits them.

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