Solitude Studios Goes Diving & Brings Back a Gem

stone island

With a little bit of exploration, finding your niche style in terms of accessories can be easy and super fun. But, as well as being fun, it’s also really important for your overall style. For many of the best outfits, it’s the accessories that make all the difference. So, with a bit of creativity and the right accessory, you can take your wardrobe up a few notches.

We’ve been through a bunch of trends in the world of bags. From Jacquemus’ tiny handbags to head-turning highlights like JW Anderson’s Pigeon Clutch. But while trends come and go, the classics stay strong. Exhibit A: the messenger bag.

Solitude Studios is the burgeoning label that just put a spin on the classic messenger bag with the Seaweed Bag, which looks to unite the worlds of man and nature. Beyond the concept behind the bag, Solitude Studios pushes the limits of crochet with the Seaweed Bag. Too bold? No, that’s exactly what we want to spice things up.

Almost as if it was dragged out of the ocean to the runway, the Seaweed Bag imitates a big chunk of Seaweed with fringed detailing throughout, overcoming the nature of the distress. Staying true to its maritime concept, the deep green color also eases the burden of mixing and matching when accessorizing.

Offering bold styles like this is a quick way for any young brand to get noticed, but Solitude Studios proves that it’s not all for show. The craftsmanship is a real standout point of the Seaweed Bag. Working around nature and its forms, Solitude Studios offers up a slouchy yet refined outfit-topper that will start a conversation this season.

Shop the Solitude Studios Seaweed Bag below.

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