Llamas Play Polo Too — Introducing Ralph Lauren X Fortnite

Ralph Lauren knows a thing or two about sporting spirit. Since its foundation in 1967, the purveyor of American prep has become a fixture everywhere, from the golf course to the regatta and beyond — it’s even the US Olympic and Paralympic teams’ official parade outfitter, and provides the uniforms for the on-court officials at the US Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon tennis tournaments. Now, the legacy brand is drawing from its rich heritage as it navigates the digital age with a new collaboration with the stratospherically-famous online game Fortnite. The partnership has resulted in a digital wardrobe as well as a physical capsule collection, so you can achieve player-avatar symbiosis by wearing matching outfits.

Now virtual fashion is far from a new idea. Who else remembers the unbridled joy of a well-stocked wardrobe in The Sims? What is new is the fact that brands and tech developers are now working hand in hand to position themselves within the rapidly expanding Metaverse landscape. For Ralph Lauren, that means an entirely digital collection that allows Fortnite players to tap into the brand’s rich archive and heritage, while playing their way through limitless online worlds. Indeed, the Fortnite capsule collection is inspired by key moments from the brand’s history, most notably its 1992 Polo Stadium collection. Featuring athletic design elements, track & field iconography, and uniform-style cuts and silhouettes, the collection cemented Ralph Lauren’s place within the sporting sphere. There were nods to the posters and design of the two Olympic Games held in 1932, in Los Angeles in the summer, and Lake Placid in the winter. As for typography and logo, the collaboration marks the first time the Ralph Lauren brand has ever adapted its logo. The classic Polo Pony has been merged with the Fortnite Llama, to form the Polo Llama.

This isn’t the first time Ralph Lauren has ventured into the world of gaming and e-sports, though. Just last August, the brand collaborated with the global social networking and avatar simulation app ZEPETO to release a limited-edition digital collection for users to enjoy. And in December of last year, the brand partnered with Roblox to create an immersive and expansive holiday-themed digital experience on the popular game platform. Having already cut its teeth in the digital world, Ralph Lauren makes its arrival in the Fortnite universe well-equipped to deliver a memorable gaming experience. To kick things off, on November 3 the brand invited influential talent from the worlds of gaming and pop culture to participate in an unrivaled global livestream event on Twitch.

Aside from Ralph Lauren’s heritage in sports and gaming, the collection also draws heavily from the worlds of automotive and aviation. After all, Mr. Lauren himself is a devoted gearhead, and is known to possess one of the vastest and most impressive private classic car collections in America. As for aviation, pioneering heroines such as Amelia Earhart served as models for the design of the collection. The Polo Prodigy outfit specifically is modeled after Ms. Earhart’s signature style — and let’s just say that if your avatar is able to channel even a fragment of her remarkable strength and determination, you look set to be champion.

Discover the Polo Ralph Lauren x Fortnite collection now.

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