Zoe Saldaña’s Bold Shoulders Are a Big Deal

Avatar 2 is finally almost here, with the U.S. premiere roughly two weeks away. Zoe Saldaña, who reprised her role as Neytiri in the sequel, is already making her promotional rounds — in style, at that.

While appearing on Good Morning, America on November 28, Saldaña discussed Avatar: The Way of Water, wearing a look that boasted big — emphasis on big — chic energy.

For her ensemble, Saldaña donned a classic white top and tie combo topped with a herringbone blazer equipped with slouching, statement shoulders.

The actress’ look, which was more than likely put together by her stylist Petra Flannery, concluded with a bright red leather skirt, black pumps, and — for the grande finale – a sleek, oversized patent belt.

In the end, Saldana’s look was classy, stylish, and undoubtedly a big deal.

During her appearance on the morning talk show, Saldaña also revealed that she will watch Avatar: The Way of Water for the first time on Monday night, as she hadn’t seen the film yet.

Initially scheduled to release in 2021, anticipated sequel comes 13 years after 2009’s Avatar, which remains the highest-grossing film of all time (Avengers: Endgame, of which Saldana also starred in, was but a couple of million off from nabbing the number one spot).

Named the second highest-grossing actress in 2019, Saldana is no stranger to chart-topping screen moments. On top of starring, several Marvel box-office hits, she also landed the leading role in Netflix’s tear-jerking From Scratch series, the platform’s number one viewed show in November.

If Saldana’s previous high-ranking projects and her latest bold ensemble — large details included — are indicators, Avatar 2 will be a big deal when it premieres on December 16.

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