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Few areas of the modern wardrobe are subject to as much technological change as footwear. If we look back at even the last 10 years of sneaker design, there are countless new developments in sole mapping, fabrics, cushioning, lacing, and more. It’s what makes sneakers a great place to look if you want to add something unique to your fits.

New Balance’s collection is obviously home to some of the world’s favorite classic sneakers. From the 550 to the 2002R, New Balance’s staple sneakers usually take a retro stance on design.

But there’s another side to New Balance, too. A side that favors out-there proportions, alien silhouettes, and utility-driven features that question everything we think we know about footwear design.

Below, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite unique New balance designs that show the fun side to footwear.

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Mowalola x New Balance 9060

Teaming up with Mowalola, New Balance dresses the 9060 in a new colorway that emphasizes its eye-catching proportions. Inspired by cinematic high-speed foot chases through city streets, the Mowalola 9060 is defined by flashes of bold color against the black backdrop.

New Balance Caravan Mid-Moc v2

Caravan Mid Moc

Imagine if you had a pair of slippers that you could wear all day long. Well, the Caravan Mid Moc is just that. The quilted upper offers coziness, while an unlikely, robust sole unit means that at-home comfort can hit the outdoors.

New Balance x Tokyo Design Studio 574


New Balance’s experimental Tokyo Design Studio has been having some fun with the classic 574 silhouette lately. The original design is famed for its complete versatility, but that’s all put to the chopping block by the Tokyo Design Studio which transplants a jagged sole unit onto the now premium leather upper, taking inspiration from their first sneaker model, The Trackster.



The New Balance 2002R is probably one of the shoes of 2022. Balancing comfort, utility, and normcore styling, the 2002R was in prime position for a fun reboot. Lop off the heel and replace the laces and you’ve got yourself the 2002RM which leans fully into the burgeoning love for mules within menswear.

FuelCell Summit Unknown v3

FuelCell Summit Unknown v3

We’ve all seen trail runners before, sure, but what makes the New Balance FuelCell Summit Unknown v3 so unique is its colorways. This super-bold colorway has been in our hearts from the moment we saw it, thanks to that bold green base.

460v3 Umpire Plate

460v3 Umpire Plate

Originally designed for baseball, the 460v3 Umpire Plate is a serious head-turner. Featuring a protective shield over the laces, the high-top build ends up being one of the most eye-catching designs we’ve seen in ages.

Caravan Moc v2

Caravan Moc V2

If you liked the idea of the Caravan Mids above, then listen up because there’s a low-top version, too. This time, the quilted upper boasts a lacing system and a step-down heel for a bit of customizability.

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